Draperies by Marybeth offers several styles of window coverings. We're sure to have a style that fits you and your home.

Roman Shades
Roman Shades are flat fabric shades that fold into pleats when raised.
All shades are mounted on 1"x 1" boards with Rollease systems. All Roman Shades are lined. Room darkening lining is available at your request.

   Swagged Roman

   Flat Roman

    Balloon Roman

   Cloud Roman

     London Roman

    Stitched Roman

Cornices and Valances
Cornices and valances are decorative framework that can be used by themselves or to  conceal curtain fixtures and hardware at the top of a window's casing.
Cornices are made out of wood and covered with fabric. Padding is added between the wood and the fabric for a softer look.

   Straight Cornice

  Curved Cornice

  Style A Cornice

  Style B Cornice

Valances are made out of fabric. They are mounted on a header board. 

Butterfly Valance

  Bikini Valance

 Box Pleated Valance

    Cuffed Valance

  Flat Valance

 Shaped Flat Valance

  Stagecoach Valance

  Tailored Pleated Valance

Draperies come in many different lengths. They are hung at the top of a window's casing, or higher, and can be as long as you want. Most are floor length or pool on the floor. Drapes can be functional for privacy or purely decorational.
All drapes are lined. Room darkening lining can be added at your request.

 Goblet Pleat

 Grommet Top

 Pinch Pleat

  Tab Top

  Scallop Top

   Swag Overlay

 Pleated Attached Valance

Swags are scallop-shaped toppers draped across the top of a window.

 Drawstring Swag

   Gathered Swag and Jabot

Pleated Swag and Jabot

Ribbon Swag